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Mothers Marketplace has been in business for 16 years and carry a plethora of products through out the store.  Margaret has done a sensational job of researching products that we bring into the store.  And no, we cannot carry every product out there so we pick and choose to the best of our ability.

Grocery: The grocery, which is a majority of our store, comprises chips, bread, sauces, drinks, condiments, and a variety of other products as well as our ever present sale shelf.  Our vendors give us products at discounts so we in turn pass them on to you.

Produce: Ahh the veggies, the section that I love.  We don’t have some of the odd varieties of veggies like radishes or lima beans, all of which we can get but don’t carry them because they do not sell well.  We do our best to stock the basic fresh organic fruits and veggies we can get….many of them local depending upon the season.  All of our organic fruits and vegis are used in our juice bar including our green smoothie.


Herbs and Bulk Foods: We have over 100 bulk herbs as well as a variety of bulk products such as pastas, lentils, mixes, candies, seeds, nuts and flours. Need Essential Oils…have a wide variety that we keep on hand.

Bulk herbs, spices and food

Supplements: We do our best to carry the supplements that you need.  Unfortunately our store is only 1000 square feet and if we carried them all, we would need 10,000 feet.  This is an ever changing market as I get 3 times the calls for these products than any other in the store.  My own personal adjunct to this is that the word is perfectly clear.  These are supplements.  If you are short a mineral or vitamin here or there, it is a great way to get them in.  Do your best to meet your requirements with fresh organic foods.


Health & Beauty: Our Health and Beauty section is loaded with main brands along with a few local companies that we love to support. Oregon Soap Company, Dr. Bronners, Giovanni, Thursdays Plantation to name a few. Everything from toothbrushes to soaps to lip balms to environmentally clean detergents to water filters, products that are safe and reliable. It is certainly not the largest section of the store but it does cover the basics. The part of the store is constantly changing so if you know a great new product, we are always looking for ideas.

Health and Beauty

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